Mistral Competition - my vintage classic

This board is a classic !!!
It's an 1983 epoxy model, which later (1984 to approx 1989) became the Mistral Superlight.

I picked this old board up in the early spring of 2007 fairly cheap (550 DKK which is approx. 74€)
It was repaired on the underside of the front, but I later found out that it wasn't made properly and was taking in water big time.
I have now removed the repair, and it's just drying out now....... and waiting for me to get some sparetime to fix it

Pictures are coming.....

The mastfoot was stuck to the mastextension which was stuck to the mast, so had to modify it so I could use a "modern" mastbase/foot on it for a more secure connection and.
This is what I made - I cut off the old mast foot, and secured the baseplate with a 100 mm stainless bolt through the mastfoot. The other part you are seeing is the original security plug to insure that the board and mast doesn't get separated - on personal experience - it works :-)
Actually its quite clever the way its made, if the force on the mastfoot becomes to great (e.g. your foot gets stuck underneath it or it falls with high impact on the board) it pops out of the mastfoot and saves the board (or foot) instad of keeping the torque locked on the board - also back then the clew of the sail was high above the board (and no mast/board protector) so the torque could get quite high.
But putting the mastfoot back in the board out on open water isn't one of the easiest tasks......