With accordance to the spirit of SUP surfing, I decided to make my own SUP paddle !
Due to lack of spare time with a newborn, building of a house, running a business, I choosed the easier solution (but also more expensive) to make one from existing components - so I bought a beautiful wooden Canoe paddle that had the recomended angle of 10 degrees and a fiberglass rod - sawed the paddle in two, sanded the handle and base so it fitted inside the rod - put the three parts together - voilá - one SUP paddle.
It paddles great, nice flex, (don't know if it has to much), but I need to test it on a proper board and in the waves.

My next project is to build one from scratch, and/or upgrade this one with a carbon shaft.
If interested in building your own, a lot of info can be found here:;search_string=sup%20paddle;#274431

For inspiration check these out: